Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 8 - No clas =/= no assignment

Huaaaah.. still haven't found the book to copy. I will have a lot of reading debt to pay, next week. And, I think I'll change the format of the blog, combining the thoughts on lecture with the reading review below it. Should be better that way, less confusing.

There's no PR class today, but the assignments must go on.
I will have my debate next week. Already started to do my research, but I realized that the topic is to wide, too general. Asked the opposition party -I mean, group, but they said they haven't started yet *jaw-dropped*
But I guess it should be alright. We'll just present what we think it is. Can't differ that much, can it?


Reading for week 9: Ch. 8 Reputation Management: A Driving Force for Action by Nigel De Bussy

and Ch. 10 An Issues–Crisis perspective by Gwyneth Howell

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