Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lecture 5 (Week 6) - A remedy for compulsions

Ok, I know I should read ch. 4 on Ethics before today. But to find the book, or even the article has been a journey. The book is already sold in our Popular bookstore, but to tell you the truth, it's way too expensive for me. So my option now is to borrow the book from my friend, then copy it per chapter. It's cheaper, besides it'd be lighter, so I can carry it around and read it whenever I'm free.

Anyway, today's lecture is very interesting. Ms. Tanya brought a special guest to the class today, to help us in our final project: Ms. Jolyn Chua.
She's a self-confessed OCD (Obsessive-compulsive Disorder sufferer) who turn her weakness into her strength.
Jolyn is a very young woman to have started her own company and call it OCD: Organizing Chaos Daily (a smart pun). Well, to call it a "company" perhaps sounds too grand as she's doing everything alone, or, as she said it, it's a "one-woman show".

What she does is offering people an organizing service. NOT a cleaning service, an organizing service. To tidy up clutters in people's room, house, office, and/or store. And keep it that way by teaching the person how to organize their belongings.
I must say, I'm awed by her. It is a brilliant idea. I mean, my brother is an OCD, but all he does is throwing away my things and yell at me whenever I move his things by a centimeter. Maybe I should suggest him to apply for a job in Jolyn's OCD company.

Jolyn keept repeating the same word during her presentation: organizing.
The thesaurus to organize is put in order, sort out, classify. So I conclude, the key(word) to be neat is to have the ability to classify.
Now I know why I'm such a mess (yes, in both understandings).

Our task now is, to come out with a 1000-word PR communication plan which "meet the brief provided by the organisation" and include research and situational analysis (or SWOT), the goal, strategy, objectives, tactics, budget, and evaluation. We must also submit a media release (300-400 words) and a 1000-word academic essay.

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