Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lecture 4 (Week 5)- Experiential Marketing: Selling product by "selling" experience

Yup, we learnt about Experiential Marketing today. Well, not just that, but about every other ways we can advertise something, or influence the mass (don't understimate the power of blogs, people!). Again, very interesting. I love Public Relations topic more and more.
This subject is like psychology: you must understand humans first. Except that in psychology, you don't try to influence their thinking (to buy stuffs or worship a brand).

Okay, back to Experiential Marketing. It might sounds like a fancy word, especially if your mother-tongue isn't English. But it's simple (the explanation, I mean), I'm sure everyone of you have ever gotten in touch with it. When you walk around the mall, have you ever seen some product offers free massage? Free trial? That's Experiential Marketing.

The concept is, it should not be intrusive. Meaning, the customer would be free to try the product, without having to buy it. Or even, without even their noticing that you're selling them something.
(It's not so simple in Singapore, though, if you notice. The "agents" are savage, so it's dangerous if you try their product, but later buy it not)

There are many other creative marketing through PR, like:
~Integrated marketing.
~Guerilla marketing.
~Roach marketing.
Which according to is "A marketing message delivered by an actor posing as a regular person with the intention of having that message passed along to many other people." NICE.
~Subviral marketing.
~And something about otaku, which is a Japanese word for a feeling between penchant and obsession.

A sidetrack story, my boyfriend is studying marketing. I must say he has a penchant for advertising (it gets annoying sometimes, esp. when he explain how a brand should've advertised its brand instead). After this lesson, I finally know something more than he does. And we'll have one hell of a conversation later.

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