Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lecture 2 (Week 3) - A knowledge on hold

Well, we are supposed to read "Introduction to Public Relations: From Theory to Practice" by Joy Chia and Gae Synnott.
But I've yet able to get a hold on the book.
The campus' bookstore doesn't provide it, and I don't have time to look around yet (or I just don't try hard enough..).
I'll update my blog as soon as I get the book and read it. Before the week ends, I promise. I will go to the National Library and few bookstores later, to find the book.

Oh, our debate group is announced. My team will have the debate on week 8 (that is 8 March).
- \ . . - : - . . / -

Update on the book: I went to National Library on Friday, 22 Jan, to search for the book. But they don't have it as well. They really don't publish it in Asia, it seems.

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