Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lecture 3 (Week 4) - PR vs Journo

Week 4
We finally got our reading material. Ms. Wilson somehow managed to get a copy of the first chapter of the book we're supposed to read to be put in our online UoN library. Going to start reading soon.. Hopefully I'll be able to finish before evening :p

Today's lecture was interesting. Now I understand more and more what a PR practitioner does (see, I now even know that PR is the job, PR practitioner is the person. Yup, FINALLY I know).
But the more I understand about PR, the less confident I am to become one. The job doesn't suit my character (or rather, my character doesn't suit the job).

You see, the first thing is, a PR person must know all and every newspaper there are in the country they're residing. Better yet, plus all of the magazines. Then, they must know the journalists. Not just know as in acquaintant, but know as a friend.
Ms. Wilson jokingly said, PR practitioners are basicly need to suck-up, both to the journalists and to their clients. That's where it doesn't go with me --when I don't like someone, I show it in their face -__- need to do something about that.

There's one thing that I realized in the lecture: PR and journalism are like twins. You know how twins look alike, when they're young they wear all the same things, accessories and clothes. But as they get older, somehow they don't get along well, sometimes worse than ordinary siblings.
Not a very good analogy for PR and journalism; but that's how I see them now. Maybe that's why both PR and Journalism in UoN are together?

Oh, we also learned about four PR tactics: written, spoken, acted, imagined.

Just for fun, this morning, Ms. Wilson mentioned something about TODAY newspaper tends to write the positive things in their news. Hm...interesting.. I never noticed that.

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