Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 11 - A moment of quietness

So, today will be our last blog entry as, in Friday (according to the course outline), our blogs will be marked. I will miss this, writing a journal of what we learnt in an online blog. This is fun, different. We had an assignment like this last semester, to make a learning journal, but it was in hardcopy and we had to decorate it like a scrapbook. It was weird -how do you scrapbook a series of serious theories? Not to mention it was a waste of money and space.

Anyway, back to this week. There's nothing much going on, but you know what they say, it's always calmest before the storm. We still have the PR Communication Plan to submit in few weeks --along with all the assignments from other courses. Can you feel the tension rising?

In the tutorial today, Ms. Tanya specially discuss about our PR Communication Plan. I think it helps a lot, because I didn't know what are the differences between Strategy and Tactics. They sound the same, and the search in Google didn't really help. But now I understand a lot more, thus I can peacefully continue doing my plan. So...

This will mark the end of my blogs, then
[maybe I'll continue it, though, if I decide to work in PR line ;)]
See ya around!


  1. I think the scrap book is cute idea. And I don’t see it any problem of it. It’s either you make the decoration looks professional to aid your visual, or you transliterate the serious theory into something that’s more Felix-friendly, and of course put the cute embellishments.

    Come on, did you put those flowers and birds decoration about ‘How Media corrupt the society’ page? If that’s the case, can I use the ‘bees and flowers’ instead? that’ll suit the R-Rated of the topics.

    And.. it’s not a waste of time or space. I had my own journal (which I just found recently near the spider graveyard below my bed). It’s sort of bringing some reminiscence of the bitter-sweet old days, when I wasn’t as young as today (no arguments). Don’t believe me? Throw it below your bed.

  2. Really, sometimes (just sometimes) I wish I'm as "eloquent" as you are. Will be very useful for my essay. I'm the one in BComn, but can't beat that articulation of yours.

  3. oops.. careful what you say there.. tutors watching. We all know that 70% of all time it's the BS beautify our essay.

    wait.. damn. it's a trap isn't it?
    you're just indirectly exclaim to the whole world-wide-web that you're not good as BS-ing, so much so that you're actually belong to the 30% of the really good students?

    sophistry. something that i learnt from you.

  4. nothing wrong with BS. BS makes the world go round.

    ultimately, Marketing is the science of BS. :D

  5. hello evil eva~! hahas!

    i thought the lecture bout' tactics and strategy was rather useful too. i was really in a blur state before that.

    and u'd better pray that J*SSLYN LAU wun see this blog.

  6. This world go round because of BS indeed. but there's so much more that.

    Marketing is the science of BS indeed, but don't forget about Statistics, Medical Science, Grammy, Politics, Religion, or, Law. BS.

    and thanks for the cliche, it reminds me someone, a humble friend of mine who knows-it-all anything about BS named Nyi.